Nec-2500a making coasters

Well I just got some new media so I gave the Nec-2500a another try and it is still making coasters I have tried Beall DVD+R 4X and optorite DVD-R 4X and it makes unreadable disc the only sucess I had was with Princo 2X I have tried limiting the speed to 2X and still unreadable I have one burning at 1X right now but even sucessful its not suppose to be a 1X burner I have not flashed it at all and I have a Nec 1100a burning the beall DVD+Rs with no problem. Should I send it back to Is it defective? I have been using cloneDVD to make everything,thanks

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Might help if you tell us what “unreadable” means.

the DVD is not supported by my DVD player it says unsupported or disc error.The DVD player is a Panasonic DVD Recorder. The DVD-R Plays in my Nec1100a but the DVD+R won’t play I also Finished burning a DVD-R at 1X and it was still unsupported.I’m afraid to flash it because if something is wrong with it I will void the warrenty

Movie player compatability isn’t really a measure of whether the burner is working or not. If possible, try some discs burned in other burners and see if they work in that player. Since your only success is with DVD-R, It would seem that the player does not like DVD+R. The fact that the 1100 is successfull does not mean that the 2500 is not working right, it’s just one of the mysteries of movie players.
You can try a different 2500A drive, but don’t be surprised if the results are the same.

I just bought a NEC ND-2500A, and have made four coasters.

This is my first and only optical drive, but I have lots of expereince with CD-R/W drives and 15+ years of experience with computers.

anyhow, I’ve tried 4 dvd-r’s already:

TDK DVD-R x2 media (ugh?) TDKG02
NEC ND-2500A
WinXP Pro SP1

the discs take about 28 minutes to finish at 2 speed, and of the four, two read in windows, but both give read errors in winamp. tried scanning them in nero cd speed,
got the unrecovered read error (031100) on all four…I have a screenshot of the disc which read the best, if it would help.

I’m stuck. I dunno if it’s Bad media for this drive, or maybe something simple that I missed along the way.
DMA is enabled… the firmware on the drive is current (1.06), too.

Maybe there is some driver or bit of software or setting in windows that I have not taken care of? I bought the drive OEM (like all NEC’s) and figured that it’d work as an ATAPI device and wouldn’t need anything special?

Anyhow, any and all helpful suggestions are welcome.


Anyhow, any and all helpful suggestions are welcome.

Get different media.

The NEC prefers 4x and 8x certified media. It’s one of the weaker writers for many 1x and 2x types of media.

The TDK discs is TDK branded?

If they are nok TDK branded they are most likely fake as princo have stolen the TDK mid code for their 2x media.

The movie player plays the DVD+R out of the Nec 1100a fine but won’t play them out of the 2500a so I know this player supports this type of disc I will try another player tho just to see

Yeah, they are TDK branded in the jewel case… I bought them before researching the drive… soon as I can make it to the store gunna get some Verbatium Datalifes or Fuji (Taiyo Yuden)… 8X

I think that part of my problem may be my motherboard’s chipset… Asus A7N8X Nvidia nForce2… so I’ve got that dumb Nvidia nForce MCP(southbridge) IDE driver that just keeps coming back no matter how many times I delete it… someone said that you have to uninstall the Nvidia driver pack, then uninstall the IDE driver, then re-install the driver pack and choose to NOT install software IDE drivers…

That all seems great aside from the fact that I cannot find the option to NOT install the nForce IDE driver! I need that driver pack to be installed, as it supports my onboard ethernet and sound…

Anyone made this burner work (and work well?!) on an nForce chipset? If you have some instructions on how to get rid of that goddamn IDE driver, I’d be very thankful.


Nevermind, I found the NEW Nvidia drivers on their webpage… why I bothered checking on the ASUS site is beyond me. Got all the old crap uninstalled, new stuff installed, Nvidia IDE driver is down and out (8th reboot TKO, bitch!)

burns 4.1 gigs of data onto disc

Okay… failure yet again…I’m not sure that there’s anything else I can do until I go buy media… and even then, I’m kinda worried that I’m gunna destroy some expensive TY or MCC…

I checked the version of my 1.06 firmware, too, and I have the 031219 “good” version.


Awright… I went out and bought some new media…

I got:

MXLRG02 (sold as maxell dvd-r 4x 10pack)
RICOHJPNR01 (sold as sony dvd+r 4x 3pack)

Burned a successful Maxell…
(I don’t have a LiteOn drive for Kprobe… does Kprobe work with the LiteOn DVD-ROM drives or just the DVD±RW drives?)

the cdspeed scan is pretty good, except towards the end – big downward spikes at 3.0 and 3.5 gigs and kinda sloppy from 3.5 to the end

Ok everyone was right the burner is fine my player just don’t like it I appoligize. And maybe I can help out for once I ordered 7 differnt types of media to try with the Nec 2500. I didn’t use any kind of testing software just CloneDVD and I wrote down all the times to see which was fastest ( used same movie on all 7). The movie was the original Matrix here are the media types times and price per disc ( prices are cheaper when ordered in bulk everything was ordered from on my Panasonic DMR-E50 and PS2

    MEDIA                     PS2      DMR-E50      Time      cost

Digital Matrix Y N 23:15 $1.05
Verbatim Datalife Y Y 9:16 $3.75
Meritline Y N 14:04 $1.99
Artia Y N 10:31 $1.35
DVD+R 4x
DVDPRO Y N 14:01 $1.35
Digital Matrix Y Y 14:09 $0.96
Verbatim Datalife Y N 9:06 $3.96

I hope this can help someone looking for media to use.A reason my player might have conflict when using the 2500a is because it is a DVD-RAM recorder and I in a home theater book that the laser is unlike any othere and is a bit picky.So I’m going to take these and test on all my friends and famlies player just to see which is most compatible. The Artia seems to be the best deal just a minute slower then the Verbatim and only $1.35

I use NEC 2500a’s for all my customers computers, I’ve got a small shop. Before that 1300a’s. I’ve switched from ritek G4 8 months ago to the Be-all 4x’s. I’ve bought over 3500 Beall -r’s from Meritline. I sell the 50 packs. I’ve not had a problem. My one DVD copying rig has 4 NEC 2500a’s. I uses nero 6 to burn to all 4 at once. I copy a lot of wedding video’s for a local Photographer/Videographer. Plus i do make my own “movie” backups. I’ve never had a problem with the Be-all playing in home DVD players. I cant have people bringing them back.