Nec 2500a making coasters

Well I tried making some DVDs today on my new NEC 2500a and well the speed was great but when I put it in my DVD player I got a disc read error made 3 more using clonedvd dvddecryptor dvd2one and all came out the same. threw in a blank on my 1100a and it plays fine. The media is Beall DVD+R 4X ( I know its shit but it worked with the 1100a so figured it would be fine) DVDdecryptor rated at writing 4.1X the whole time maybe slowing it down will help I’m not sure, Thanks for the help

BeALL shold be quite good media and I’ve not had any problems with them.

Strange, but it’s hard to say anything before you have tried other media.

Ok I tried some I believe its Rietek ( bought them a long time ago for my DVD Recorder) they are DVD-R 1X. And it worked fine so I guess trial and error with some media will have to be done