NEC 2500A issues with XP Pro SP2

Hi all,
I recently aquired a ND2500A and had some trouble getting it to work. Once working I burned one disk and had to attach a different drive to my computer. When I reconnected the ND2500A windows did not even recognize it. The drive is present, but keeps saying that I should insert a disk when I try and browse it. I tried to flash it in XP with Herrie’s firmware, but no luck, get some message about not finding the drive. My bios detects the drive fine. Anyway, any help will be much appreciated.
Thank You!

are u using nero6? it can be that nero6 have troubles with SP2

try updating to latest nero

Yes, latest solve some issues with SP2

Thanks guys but that did not work. It is not that Nero does not recognize the drive, its that windows completelly ignores it. It gets detected as a generic dvd/cd-rom. Any disc i put in is unreadable, windows pops up asking me to please insert a disk when i try and browse. Any other suggestions?
btw, I unistalled SP2. What is funny is that it worked fine before.


Long time ago I ‘lost’ my cd/dvd drives you may want to try this but as its aregistry fix be careful-