NEC 2500A is here

Hi all, I just received my NEC 2500 after 4 weeks of ordering it! :iagree:
No, it was not lost in the way but I live outside the U.S.A. so it took all that time.
Any way, since I’m some how new here I need some guides from you pleas.

First of I need to flash it with a new firmware that should be:
1- Region free “ I live in a country supposed to be a region 2 but most DVDs are region 1” :a
2- Must be flashed inside windows " My floppy drive is dead and I’m not wasting a DVD to make a bootable CD "
3- Must support Dual Layer DVD
4- Media Hacks and optimization are not that important but I wouldn’t say no :bigsmile:

Second thing I need to know more about the software I need:

1- I need a good software for Backing Up normal Data and MP3 “ Should I go Nero or stick to Disc Juggler” :confused:
2- Need a software to backup My DVD movies “The Movies should fit into normal single layer DVDs”
3- Need software to backup my XBOX and PS2 games

Third thing I don’t understand most of the pictures you all provide about Quality writing and so on, would U mind Explain to me.

Thanks guys, these forums rocks and I love my NEC :bow:


Herries firmware 1.07v2b5dl is the right one for you at the moment. There is also a Windows flasher available. Get it here:

1 - If you are familiar with NERO I’d recommend it, as you can burn almost every type of disc with it
2 - I prefer CloneDVD2 but there is a free alternative called DVDShrink
3 - I don’t own PS2 or XBOX, but why shouldn’t it be possible with NERO? Perhaps there is some special application for this, I don’t know…

You mean the KProbe scans, I think. Go to the media forum and learn a bit. There is all information you need. Or simply read one of the recent writer reviews on the cdfreaks main page. There you’ll find explanations as well.

First set:

1 - Region Free support. Either decrypt the movie you are using with DVD Decrypter or load up and run DVD-Region Free or AnyDVD (Your preference of programs) first and then backup with your favorite application. DVD Shrink I believe takes care of the region free and also has it’s own form of decryption built in so you could use that as well and it’s a free program. It uses Nero or Decrypter to do the burn. Also, most of Herrie’s firmware for the 2500a supports Region-Freeing the drive and does so automatically.

2 - Most of Herrie’s Firmware are windows based flashers. :slight_smile:

3 - You mean the application must be able to rip Dual Layer DVD’s or the fact that you need Dual Layer support for the drive? Not sure on the firmware for best Dual Layer burning support but almost all the applications available are able to easily handle Dual Layer DVD backups.

4 - Herrie’s firmware generally provides added media support, better write strategies, and region freeing as well riplocking the NEC2500A. You get a nice bundle of stuff with Herrie’s firmware. :slight_smile:

Second set of things:

1 - I’d go Nero if you are use to it. I use Nero for lots of stuff now and it’s just too easy to maneuver and saves a lot of time.

2 - DVD Region-Free OR SlySoft’s AnyDVD coupled with CloneDVD2 is a powerful combination. On a side note you could also use DVD Shrink or Nero Recode 2 which is bundled with NeroVision Express 2.

3 - I think for PS2 games it’s a matter of decrypting with DVD Decrypter in ISO Mode and burning back with DVD Decrypter and as long as you have a mod-chip installed they should play fine. There is much more involved with the XBOx games and I’m not sure how to do them myself.

For the best media support (although not “nx4all”), I recommend flashing the NEC ND-2500A to an ND-2510A using The Dangerous Brothers’ patched 2.15 firmware.


He can’t do that because his requirements state that he must be able to flash in Windows.
Also, Herries’ patched firmwares actually have the best media support. (better than 2510 stock fw)

Any word on Herrie’s Latest BIOS the one after 1.07v2b5dl ? :confused:

Work in progress :wink:

Can’t wait dude :smiley: