NEC 2500A flash gone wrong in windows

NEC 2500A flash gone wrong in windows - I had viral applications running was that the cause? It now continuously blinks
How do I bring it back to life?

A flash from DOS will probably do the trick. I have never had any problems myself, but as far as I remember, somebody told that a DOS flash can revive a bad window flash.

I have download Dr DOS 7.x from but on having loaded the floppy there are no files to be see however the floppy shows 121kb as being used? Very wierd

My next flasher version (no estimated release date yet) should be able to flash misflashed drives too, as long as they are still accessible by the BIOS.

The missing 121 KB are probably the system files. Are you able to boot from the disc - if so, don’t worry. Copy you new firmware and the flasher to the disc, reboot and do the flashing.

Not withstanding that DR Dos does not show on the floippy in XP it boots fine and I have now managed to bring the drive back. It was showing as a NEC2100A _ why I don’t know- I then used Dangerous Bros software to flash from a 2100a to 2500a and it worked. I then flashed to Herrier 107v2b5d which also worked. That is the last time I flash in windows, but as an Igie its so much easier!
Many thanks for the inputs

Glad it worked out for you…

It is really quite funny - the way you brought it back to life suggests that NEC themself upflash their drive from 2100 standard to either 2500 or 2510 just as we do.

Just to clarify these things a bit:
If a flash did not succeed and the firmware is in an inconsistent state, the checksum does not match and the drive enters a safe mode firmware. This firmware is only able to allow identification of the drive (as 2100/3100 firmware 0.xx) and accept commands for flashing. (In order to flash the drive, this safe mode firmware has to be activated before flashing as well)