NEC 2500a Firmware

I’m quite a noob when it comes to firmware, so the first question is what is firmware? Do I really need to update the firmware for my drive and if so where can I download the new releases? Also, I read that the new firmware released has “Dual Layer Support”…does this mean that it can enable the drive to write to dual layer discs? :confused:


The 2500 to 2510 firmware conversion is somewhat conterversial and NEC claims that it does not work-

Probably best in your case to let well enough alone and spring for a 3500 when dual layer is cheaper (it’s about $10+ right now) and the firmwares have been advanced from what they currently are IMHO-


rite…so firmware can be used to update the features of a drive?

Firmware can be compared to the BIOS for a computer: it’s software located on a chip in the drive and can be overwritten with a newer/improved version. Basically the firmware controls how the drive operates. It sets the appropriate write speed when you want to record something, it controls the drive’s features, media support, etc, etc. So basically it’s the operating system for your burner. Generally the latest firmware version will give you the best performance. Unofficial firmware versions can add things that normally are not supported (like double layer recording) but you have to keep in mind that when flashing your drive with an unofficial firmware release it can void your warranty.