NEC 2500a firmware updates - which one to choose, and where to find it?


I’m thinking of upgrading my nec, but don’t know which FW to use. I’m thinking about getting herrie’s 1.07 v2 b5, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere. if someone has this firmware, could you please email it to me???

of course I am also open to any other firmware suggestions, because i really want to burn my verbatim mcc discs at 8x while still achieving good quality.

thanks a lot!


Right here.

Unfortunately you can’t download it now because Herrie’s site is currently down because of some fucking script kiddy who thinks to be so 31337… :Z :Z

Somebody has apparently heard yours (and others) plea for help. Look at

Except the links to Herrie’s site are not working. I think Herrie’s site got taken down by some lamers, making the firmware currently unavailable.

Unless someone has posted another link to it.

Try to read the post above with a working link to Herrie’s FW - the answer to many pleas of help.

PDU have the firmware temporarely.

I keep wondering - it’s exactly the same link as I have referred now twice, except I follow the forum rules: Don’t link to files you don’t host yourself.