Nec 2500A DVD Writer

Evening all,

Has anyone experienced problems with backing up playstaion games using the above drive.

I’ve tried a few different software packages including nero 6 which appear to copy the disk ok but the playstation cannot read them.

Are there any firmware updates for my drive that might resolve the problem.

Many thanks for your help in advance,

You have a mod chip in the playstation right?

I do yes, it was installed by a pro and i watched it being tested with a copied PS2 DVD game in the workshop so i don’t think there is a problem with the chip.


What game are you trying to copy and the best software if its a dvd game is[ul]
alcohol 120%
dvd decryptor(free) - my personal choice
Do you have any backed up PS2 games that you are able to play, does it still play originals, if all that fails then it could be a wire has come loose from the mod-chip whilst bringing it home.[list]

I’ve tried copying a few games such as the sims (cd based), Getaway (DVD), GTA 3 (DVD)

I’m currently using the Arita Ritek G03 disks that have a dark purple coating.

PS1, PS2 CD based and PS2 DVD based originals all work ok in my console.

I’ve tried using Nero 6 (straight disc copy), Record Now Max (create image then copy to disc) all with the same result.

I have been told that a straight disc copy will do. Am i right.?

Also has anyone had any experience with Ritek G03 DVD-R’s

Thanks for all of your help,

Yep what you are doing should work a treat.
Do you have any copied games that can work in your PS2 or borrow one that you do know works from a friend as this would eliminate the PS2 as the problem and then we can work on where your copying problem lies.

Thanks for the advice, i’ll try to find someone who’s got a copied game that works ok in another chipped console. I suppose that’d confirm where the problems is.

Not sure if this has any bearing but i’ve got the Matrix DNS3 V10 chip. I have been advised by the installer that it’s probablly a loose wire off the chip.

Unless you guys can think of anything.?


This is one of the most common faults for a newly modded PS2. Until you can confirm where the fault lies then my suspision will be with the mod chip, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

I’ve just tried a tested copied game on my console and i still got the red screen. So i must be the chip/wire.

I’ll keep you posted after i’ve had the console checked.


Afternoon all,

Just letting you know that my backup problem has now been resolved. There was a loose wire on the board that was causing the problem.

Thanks for all of your help and advice.

Just one more question though. :slight_smile:

I’m using the Arita Ritek G03 disks that backup the games with no issues but the playstation does seem to be working a little harder when playing them. Do you think i should opt for the G04’s and do you think this will make a big difference.? I want my laser to last as long as possible.

Thanks again,

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