Nec 2500a/dvd software wont play dvd movies


ive installed a nec 2500a dvdrw in my win 98se machine, i replaced a dvd rom device and kept my cdrw drive

it was cdrw e: (master) dvdrom f: (slave) on my secondary ide channel

it is now dvdrw e: (master) and cdrw f: (slave) on the secondary ide channel

i can burn dvds no problems, the same with cdrs and it will read burned dvd that ive made and also cdrs i made…

the problems arise when i try to watch rented dvd movies, my dvd software (leadtek winfast dvd 3.1) starts up with an error that it cannot find a dvdrom device (could this be because i have a writer?) and will not play any dvd movies, dvdx now hangs on startup whereas it used to work fine

i tried intervideos windvd but it gave no errors and wouldnt play dvds either

i did have a problem with nero 6 ultra complaining about the wnaspi32.dll, which i think ive fixed (it doest complain anymore) could this be the problem?

also, i booted the machine in safe mode and found a ‘ghost’ drive (it was the original dvdrom drive) i removed this - still the same

whew, sorry for the long first post, thanks for reading and i look forward to any advice



hey man i’m having the same darn probelm it’s telling me that there is a error with qdvd.dll when i use power dvd windows media player and realplayer i reinstalled direct x and nothing please help i am runing windows xp home