NEC 2500A dvd problems

My computer came with the burner already installed and FW 1.06. I reflashed to 1.09 and now it will not read/write/recognize any type of dvd media. :confused: I have tried flashing back to 1.06 with no luck. It will still read and burn cd media just fine. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Did you perform a shutdown after the firmware flash?

You could try this:
Open Devicemanager, delete the drive entry & the IDE channels, then restart.

Yep, I did the shutdown after the flash (and reflash) I have also tried deleting and reinstalling the drive through the device manager. It shows up in the device manager and the nero tool as the correct drive and dvd capable, but it just won’t do anything with a dvd. It still reads and burns cds. That’s what is the most confusing for me.

The same has happend to my NEC 2500A drive. Put in DVD-RW and it fails to recognise the media and turns itself into a CD drive only.
I have flashed with 1.09 and deleted the device in device manager but to no avail.

Any help please!!

No offence, but this is BS.
WHO tells you it’s an “CD drive” now? Explorer, correct?
And why would you trust that?

Open Devicemanager and check for the drive info!

You must use a proper burning app for DVDs!

You are right it is explorer that says it is a CD player, but when it fails to read DVD’s what else can I do? I have uninstalled it in device manager and allowed XP to reinstall the correct (?) drivers for it and still the same problem, presents as a DVD drive and when you insert the DVD media fails to read and the explorer then says it is a CD drive only.
Using Clone DVD BTW

Then uninstall CloneDVD and try again.