Nec 2500a Dual Layer Works!

Just burned my 1st. dual layer DVD and it works! LOTR Return of the KING,7.75 GB. Used verbatim dvd+rdl 8.5 gb. Encoded with Shrink, No compression ! Burned with Nero 6. Bun process started 12:38pm Layer 1, 12:59pm burn layer 2. Burn process sucessful 1:21pm. 42min. total. Played perfect in my stand alone dvd player, Koss KS3102. No problems with buffer under run. Used Herries firmware 1.07. Got blank media at Bestbuy in Verbatim 10 pac. JUST 1 DVD+R DL included. :iagree:

“Verbatim DVD+R Double Layer Solution Kit” I assume? What was the price?

30 US dollars. Wanted to give the DL firmware hack a try.

Let’s notify, that there are no discussion about “Dual Layer Failed”… :slight_smile:
NEC made really EXCELLENT drives!

Out of curiosity, what is the date of your drives manufacture?

Exactly what I was thinking… Is this like… the 5th report of DL burning? Nobody had a serious failure except some recognition problems in some players. (Very likely… no relation with being 2500A.)
Still need more reports to make conclusions, but currently it seems that more than 80% of 2500A won’t have any problem in writing DL media. (I won’t be surprised to see virtually 100% success rate in the end.)

Yeahhhh, great feedback ! :slight_smile:

Zebra reported that DVD+R DL written with ND-2500 @ 2510 do not work in JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM. But DVD+R DL written with BenQ DW830A works just fine in the same DVD-ROM type…

Could be just bad luck though, to early to say.

Manufacture date,Febuary 2004. Also ran dvd+r dl through DVDINFOpro and no errors ! Nec 2500a and Nero 6 preformed great !

Yay for DL :))

Went to my local Best Buy after I read this to see if they had any media there, but alas, none at my store yet. I was looking forward to trying the dual layer features as well.

Yeah… got an NEC 2500A running Herries fixed 2510 2.15 (rpc1 and rip speed hacked)

Drive date manufactured Feb 2004

Dual layer burn worked fine, same media package bought at best buy.

Does it play in standalones?

Yes, the DL disc played fine in my 2 standalones I tested it in.
Pioneer and Samsung standalones.

They also played fine in Toshiba SD-M1712 and SD-M1802 DVD-ROM drives.

They DID NOT work in a 811S drive and 851S drive, the drive
did not recognize the disc at all.

It’s also reported that these discs will not read in most Liteon 166S
dvd-rom drives.

Liteon will need to release a bunch of firmware updates to fix this.

Can someone test to see how dual layer media works in the playstation 2, I watch just about all of my movies through my ps2.

interesting to here liteon drives having problems.

LiteON sent me out there new dual layer writer Lite-On SOHW 832S Dual Layer DVD Writer to do a review on my site.

anyways i burned a dl and a standard 4x dvd-r in this drive and both fail read back in Nero CD-DVD 3.0 (transfer test) they throw up a error around the 3gb mark.

Tried on a Nec2500@2510 (disc was reconized fine btw as a dl disc)
and LiteOn 16x dvdrom

Tried the dvd-r movie i burnt using the liteon in DVD Decrypter, and see if it would rip using the nec or liteon dvdrom and neither worked.

Before posting the review i contacted liteon back thinking it was a firmware glitch or possible bad drive, i got this reply back:

‘which burning software did you use to create the burned media. If the burned media was created in CD-DVD there is a known problem which causes problem so you should use the latest version of Nero (recommended) to create a burned disc and test again in CD-DVD speed.’

Already using the latest versions of the software possible, so it does sound like a firmware bug.

Should have the reivew up soon when they reply with answer. :slight_smile:

also xbox

current testing done…

Toshiba SD-M1712 and SD-M1802 - Works
Older Toshiba SD-M1502 - Works
(computer drives)

Pioneer DV-333 - Works
Samsung Progressive scan DVD Player - Works
Orbitron DVD player (Generic Piece of junk) - Works

X-Box version 1 - DOES NOT WORK

Will post results of an APEX AD1500 and PS/2 later today.

Were the dual layer discs burnt with the bitsetting firmware based off the hp or just the 2510A non bitsetting firmware?

Unless something has changed, I used the official 2510 firmware
that had speedrip and rpc1 hacks by Herrie, but there
was no bitsetting available.

Update -

Had a cousin test the DVD+R DL disc in a Playstation 2 (PS/2)
and an Apex AD-1500

Worked fine in both of those. Don’t know what version
of PS/2 he has, or if there are versions, but he said the PS/2
is about 3 years old.