NEC 2500a Driver updating help

Everytime I try to flash the my NEC 2500a I get the message NEC 2500a target not found. I have an OEM drive that when I installed into XP has a microsoft driver (Driver number 5.1.2535.0). I have already burned on it so I know it works but I would like to flash to 1.07/ Any ideas. I have tried the files 1549_FIRMWARE_NEC2500a_WIN107 & 1550_FIRMWARE_NEC2500a_WIN107 with no luck.

Any advise would be appreciated

The drivers do not matter at all. All Optical drives will use Microsoft’s Standard CD-ROM driver in Windows. No other drivers are needed except for DVD-RAM drives or external drives in Win98/ME

You can flash your drive in DOS if the Windows Flasher refuses to flash your drive.