NEC 2500a Dos drivers?

Maybe dumb question…
I have to use my NEC 2500a as a CD reader withim Dos mode from a floppy disk.
Does exist a dos Driver for the NEC ?
I have try many “generic” CD drivers or aspicd drivers but no success, the Nec 2500a is not seen and Mscdex does not load.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Dunno if you have a Windows 98 or ME install cd, but I usually boot from those to get in dos mode. You might also want to check out .
Good luck.

Thanks Siggie, but I have already tried Bootdisk, no luck.
The Windows 98SE DOS boot disk install does not found the Nec 2500A as a a CD reader here.
Does anyone has more info ?

It just came to my mind… GoldenHawk DOS burning progz. Check it out. :wink:

And don´t forget doscdroast.

Pinto2, :slight_smile: I am not looking for recording software, but many thanks for the GoldenHawk link. They have DOS burning software, not drivers.
The second link is curently not available.
I need Dos drivers for my NEC 2500A To install a particular software fron a CD with a dos setup. The CD cannot boot from Cd disk and cannot be launched from a dos box within Windows.
I have no more CD reader, my last, a Plextor 48x24x48 is dead, and before I could use it under Dos with generic drivers.
This is not the case with the NEC , I have tried many drivers.

Okay, now I think I understand what you are up to… :wink:

Siggie, gave you a good advice. What went wrong?
I used a Win-95 startdisk and I´m able to access all my DVDRW drives in pure DOS, NEC-3500 included! All “drivers” needed are loaded from floppy. :cool:
I think you better try again.

(Then edit an .bat-file to whatever need you have. Any “program” on your CD can be started that way…)
Oh yes… remember though, you are not able to access your NTFS HDD with this floppy. But there are other tools.

The second link above is working!

BTW, pm is sometime useful.

Okay, I found the right driver this morning from doscdroast. (Link dead yesterday evening)
I have edited the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat to suit my needs and the NEC 2500a is now accessible.
Thanks all guys for your nice help. :slight_smile:
Pinto, I use Fat32 for C: partition.