NEC 2500A doesn't recognize any cd/dvd

I got a NEC-2500A since a year ago. I’ve always test new firmwares but with the last one (mad dog 2F9) all the new DVD-R recorded showed 4.38gb of data even if they really had less than that. I turned back to the previous firmware (2F8) but it didn’t recognize any CD or DVD. Now i’m with the original 1.09 from but still the same. (Win XP recognize the drive perfectly)

Is there any chance to fix it?


Sounds more like an XP issue to me. Try removing the rom driver in device manager and rebooting. If that don’t work try in safe mode and if that don’t work try booting from a Win9x floppy if you have one and select to mount CD (In this case DVD) and see if it reads. Other than that I can only suggest checking the rom drive cable and installing XP fresh.

Thanks for your help.
I tried removing the drive from device manager and tried it in safe mode too. All of this in a “daily use” installation of XP and in a new installation of XP i made in this PC only for my work. But still it won’t read any cd or dvd in neither of both XP.

Could be the last moments of my NEC? Is time to get a new dvd-rw or could be fixed?

Got access to another PC to try it in?

today i tried it in another PC and was the same thing. :sad:

so, i bought a LG GSA-4163B

Deadman, thank you very much for your help. :iagree: