Nec 2500a DL burning


In our country price difference is 30 $ between 2500a and 2510a.

So I would like to buy 2500a.

What are your experiences with 2500A and DL burning (hacked firmware)

thanks for answers

If you are a techie and like modifing you equipment get the 2500 and spend the $30 on disks.

If you are just an average joe who wants to plug an play get the 2510 and save your self the touble of messing witht he firmware.

bgally, you certainly don’t have to be a techie to upgrade your firmware, it couldn’t be any easier and can almost always be safely re-flashed to the original firmware.

lubej, the results seem to be mixed, I’ve done the firmware flash a few times, but haven’t got my hands on any DL media yet. If you can spare the $30 I’d go for the 2510a just so you can be certain about things…

No – you don’t have to be … it sure helps a lot in the rare case that something screws up …

Given the fact that DL media is still way too expensive, save the $30, get the 2500, FW upgrade it when you think DL media has become mainstream …