NEC 2500A Can't write DVD

Please see attachment, I don’t know what’s wrong

How come the serial number says “None” and did you update the firmware?

Yes, he did update the firmware. Maybe a bad flash?

First I flashed it on windows, and it didn’t go through. I flashed it again under dos, and it was success.
What should I do now ?

Have you read the NEC Troubleshooting guide?


I just checked mine and it says it won’t read dvd+R or write dvd+r/rw.

Ok a few things you might try

Set NEC to Master on 2nd IDE channel
Try new IDE cables, 80 pin if possible( they are important )
Make sure CS is not selected on drive
If you have Nforce IDE drivers, try replaceing them with microsofts ones, or make sure you have the latest NVidia NForce drivers installed.
Try reflashing (just in case)

I’m stupid…I looked quick…and was looking at the checked box in NERO on the wrong side of dvd+r and +rw…don’t laugh I’m tired.

I have a VIA Motherboard, using the default IDE driver, which I believe is microsoft. Should I update it with the VIA IDE driver ?

thx for your suggestion, I’ll try it when I got home

ok, it’s all good.

First: Install VIA Arena IDE driver, don’t use default microsoft driver.
This step makes it detectable by dvdinfopro / dvd identifier / nero info tool

However, it always freezes when I tried to burn DVD. I could burn CD w/o problem.

Second step: using via ide driver setting, set the drive to PIO4 NOT Ultra DMA.

Finally, I can burn DVD now ! :slight_smile: