Nec 2500a burns ritek g04 but are unreadable on a few dvd players

hello im new to this forum i just picked up the nec 2500 about a week ago from newegg and also a pack of frosted 4x riteks also but for whatever reason i am able to burn cheap an32 media code 4x dvdr and they burn ok and play ok but when i burn riteks and also some 2x imation the do burn but both are unreadable the only player the played them is my apex 1200

dell p4 256 ddr 1.7ghz 320gigs
appz i burned with the latest nero,recordnow,roxio, dvd decrypter

my old sony dru500a firmware 2.0g burn fine with all above

                                                           any help would be helpful

Look here:

Seems like the NEC have problems with some batches of ritekg04 discs. (unfortunately I’ve been unable to get the same problem with my drive - tested 4 different ritek brands). So I suggest using other brands, at least until a firmware that fixes this problems arrives.

Also 1x and 2x media do not work optimally on this drive so try to stick with 4x media.

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I think that this thread offers you pretty much information on this subject.

Thing is, you bought an unlucky combination. The 2500a is a very good drive, just the Ritek G04 seem to give heavy problems on this drive…

Ritek G04 seem to give heavy problems on this drive…

That may be a bit of an overstatement. Might be more accurate to say that RiteK G04 can cause problems in most any burner due to variations in quality. The 2500 burns them just fine as a rule. At least mine does.

I think CORMEGA is just discovering some finicky DVD players.

G04 burned at 4x in 2500 drive:

thanxs 4 the input guys im gonna assume its the media