NEC-2500A burns DVD+RW, not DVD-R

Newbie Question: I have purchased a NEC-2500A and I’ve burnt 13 coasters (also 12 good burns, that work fine on my DVD player) using DVD-Rs. When these burns fail, it is following/during the lead-in section of the burn within Nero. All coasters are left with a burnt ring approx 1 inch from the centre, and are complety useless. When a coaster occurs Nero and the PC hang and the PC needs re-booting/powering off.

I have tried 4 media types (Ritek, Databank, Princo and UL-Tran), Ritek and UL-Tran produced some that worked and others that did not. Problem has gotten worst, to the stage were I can not burn any DVD-Rs now. The funny thing is that I have two DVD+RW disks (Digi Media), and these work fine every time (I can erase and copy multiple times without any errors).

The NEC drive came with Nero 6 OEM and I have upgrade the latest version from the Nero site. I have DMA enabled. PC specs 512 RAM, 1.1 Athlon CPU, ASUS A7V133 Motherboard. I’m using DVDShrink to rip the DVDs.

I have burned several DVD-R DVDs by Maxell with no problems. They are rated at only 4x and I am currently only burning them at 4x and not 8x which can be done after installing the hacked firmware.

I use DVDShrink as well, but I write a DVD Image file and then fire up Nero separately and perform the burn that way. I dont know if that would make a difference or not.

My copies are awesome, they play in my PS2 and my friend’s $75 dvd el-cheapo player.

I have the same problem with Princo, Ritek and Memorex (CMC MAG)… all DVD-R. No problem at all with DVD+R/+RW. The NEC light off its led during the lead-in process and then it stops. Nero think that all is Ok and continue the “countdown” process but the DVD-R inside the NEC is a coaster and the Pc need to be restarted (since the Pc is hang up). Sometimes happend and sometimes not… i dunno which is the percentuage of this problems. I’ve experienced also (at least to me) that the 1st DVD-R burned after cold bootstrap were unreadable by some DVD-ROM (i receive a message about “Trying to read a scrambled sectors”). None of the programs (and Windows itself) can read such DVD-R. I think NEC firmware is very unstable now! Wish that NEC will release a new improved fw very soon!!!

I only ran into this problem with my ND-2500A when I had it housed in a external case. Seems that the burn commands used to create the DVD-R were not being translated properly by the external case’s chipset when it did the USB to IDE conversion. It was strange. After I took the drive out of the case and put it in the computer on a regular IDE chain, all was fine. Burns + and - R discs without a hitch. Go figure.

I have unistalled Nero (some forum posts have raised questions on Nero 6 quality) and installed Easy Creator 6. First DVD burn to DVD-R has worked OK, although Easy Creator measured the actual burn rate x3 on Ritek G04s (rather than the selected x4). At least it seems I’m back in business with my DVD-Rs.

A further (approx) 10 burns have all been successful, and the burn speeds have been x4 on DVD-Rs.

One thing when installing Easy Creator 6, the software loads down a driver for the 2500A from the Roxio web site. Perhaps Roxio have a better softer driver to that of Nero (I’m only guessing).