NEC 2500A burn TYG01 at 8x reliable?



NEC 2500A burn TYG01 at 8x reliable? I try my fujifilm TYG01 burn at 8x, 6x and 4x. All are successful. At 8x there are 3 layer which shows it burns at 4x, 6x then 8x. There are some strange big spot(or lines) of darker colour in the 8x area. Those spot are like darker purple then the regular burning purple colour. In my opinion, I know that it may represend the laser overpower to certain area of the disk so it make some area is much darker purple. I dont know those darker line or spot in the outer circle when I burn at 8x and 6x will affect the disk life. One time I can sure is that when I burn at 4x there are no darker spot.

Please help, Thanks