NEC_2500A burn at 4.12 cd-r

I have used the Dangerous Brothters firmware and flasher to get rid of the Region, and rip lock, etc. Now by NEC 2500A is fine with DVD’s but comes to cd-r/-rw it would only burns at 4.12. I checked this info using Clonecd when i was making a copy of my audio cds. Is the firmware which caused the burning problems for cdr/-rw? Can anyone tell me how i can get my nec2500a back to the top burn speed at 48x for cd-r/-rw? :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

First off, the NEC drives only support 32X Max for CD-R burning.
Make sure DMA is enabled on all your drives.

Yes, My DMA is enabled but my buring still stays at 4.12 buring using Clonecd. Is there any other way that might cause this Problem?



right-click on my computer and click the hardware tab and then select device manager. go down to the IDE controllers and right-click then go to properties. click on advanced settings and it will show if DMA is available or if PIO mode only is on. If PIO is on, switch it to DMA.

Due to your Avatar, I’m under the impression that you REALLY like CloneCD. :stuck_out_tongue:
However, I would like to see how your CD burning speeds look if you tried another recording app such as Nero.
Report back with your results :wink:

Me too. I have no trouble at all burning at 32x with my 2510A using Nero.

R U useing CD-RWs for this!!..If so then they could be 4x speed…Re-Check if I was U…
I have Clone-CD but I no longer use it for Data or Music…I either use Nero (data & music) or Easy CD-DA Extractor (music only) because i find they work Best for me…
Some CDRs say they be 40x or 48x but R only 32x or 40x respectivley…
Check them with an Info Progy like “InfoTool” “SmartBurn” “DVDInfo”…Lots out there, have a look…Good Luck…

Thankz for all the help i finalling found out what was the problem.
That problem is that it is a cd-rw and that i was a bone head of not know it.

Bottom line, thanks for all the help and complitment. :iagree: