NEC-2500A broken?

My Nec 2500A is running Herries Firmware 29F
The used media in this case is Maxell.

Recently when i try to burn data DVDs i get a good burn 1 out of 10 times.
The weird thing about this is that the actual burning seems to work without a problem, as Nero or other DVD burnign software does not report any errors.

However once the DVDs are finished and i take them out of the burner - there usually only is a small ring of data burned - like 10-20%, and another small ring for the lead-out - all the burned data in between is missing.

In case my burner is really broken, it would be nice to get some recommendation what burner is currently the most recommended one :slight_smile:

If cleaning won’t work, then it’s time for a new burner!

Buy a 3550 drive and ‘maybe’ somewhere on the Internet there is a way to convert it to a 4551 drive :stuck_out_tongue: but don’t ask me anything about it :doh:

I bought a 3550A today - seems to be a good model, no more problems anymore - thanks for the tip!