NEC 2500A bit setting firmware has been released

I just posted the article NEC 2500A bit setting firmware has been released.

 J4M4L used our news submit to tell us that our forum moderator Herrie has released a firmware  that makes it possible to set the bit setting for DVD recordables that have been  burnt using a NEC...
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I bought my NEC ND2500 just an hour ago and I am currently doing my first test burn with booktype set to DVD-ROM :g

yes but when i tryed it the burn speed was reduced on some media & the drive was RPC2 again. ??? :frowning:

Herrie just modified the firmware from an HP burner to work with the NEC 2500A. RPC1 and unlocking RIP speed will surely follow. It’s just a test firmware!

people… this is only a test version… for testing if it works at all… rpc1 and the rip speed limit will be in in a later version…