NEC 2500a - Best G04 firmware

Hey guys… I have been reading the forms and see many different posts about what the best fw is for 2500a using G04 media. The options I have seen suggested are:

  1. Herriestock
  2. 1.07v2 Beta 5
  3. 1.08v3-2
  4. 1.07v2 Beta 4

Which is CURRENTLY the best fw for burining G04 media preferably at 6x-8x using the 2500a? Is it one of the above, or is it a different one. Please post a link for dl with your response.

I would like to know this also I am using 2F9 on the 2500 and the burns seem high. The PI average 150 PO average 15 or is this ok for these discs?

Hey Herrie has some new beta releases huh :slight_smile:

Too bad none yet for the 2510 :stuck_out_tongue: