NEC 2500a audio problem

Hey all – I just installed a new (OEM) NEC 2500a dvd RW. I cannot get audio during DVD or CD playback. I plugged in the IDE and power connectors. I was able to burn a music CD-R, and it played fine. I am using WinXP SP1, and this is the only optical drive I have installed right now. If this is relevant, I have an Asus P4S533E, SiS 645DX mobo, with a 1.6GHz P4 with 768mb DDR333 and a 40gb maxtor HD.

Here’s where it gets a little interesting (and confusing for me). I replaced a lite-on CD-RW optical drive with this current dvd-writer. That CD-RW played CDs back and could burn data, but it could not burn audio files (i.e., could not burn mp3 into CDA files onto CDR). I have no idea why I could hear audio from it, but it couldn’t encode audio. I don’t know if this is related to me current problems (e.g. perhaps a problem with sound card or mobo…, just a weird pattern of results from that drive and from the current DVD drive). To reiterate, my current DVD-writer does the following:

  1. Burned mp3s from my HD to a CDR, creating a disc with CDA files that were playable in normal CD players.
  2. Plays video but not audio when I try to play a working, authentic (not burned) DVD.
  3. Dot not play audio when I try to play a working, authentic (not burned) CD. In fact, in winamp anyway, the progress slider moves along as if it is going through a song, but displays no “peaks” in the display, suggesting that it is receiving no audio data at all. (I don’t pretend to know if this is relevant – just thought it might be.)
  4. Have not tried to burn any DVD media; don’t own any blank media yet! :slight_smile:

I’m sure I’ve left out some useful information for you gurus, so if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to try to clarify or run tests. Really appreciate any help you can offer!


Right click my computer->Properties->Hardware->Device manager Select your device
Right click it->Properties goto the properties tab select enable digital audio.

This may solve you prob m8.

Thanks Tegs, but that wasn’t it. Anyone else have any thoughts on this issue? Thanks!

Shameless bump. Thanks in advance…