Nec 2500a and XBOX problem

I know there is a thread on this already, but it was for the 3500, and that doesnt apply to me. I’ve burnt some backups of xbox games onto DVD+R made by Ritek, I finished up that spindle and bought a new one and no for some reason when i drop it in my xbox it reads as unknown. But it still reads my dvd - r. Anyone have ny ideas or suggestions. It would be much appreciated. Reply here or email me at

you have to bitset your dvd+r’s to let xbox reads them

did you bitset them using dvdinfopro? Or howdid you do it, please let me know cuz ive wasted about 20 dvd+R. Thanks

i’ve backed up all of my xbox games, @ 20, using the bitsetting method. Set +r to -rom booktype in DVDInfoPro. That took care of everything for me. With the -r’s, there was never any problem.

The xbox comes with 3 dvd drives. The Thompson, Phillips and Samsung drive.

The samsung drive is known to be the best drive, and also read cd-r.
However, The Thompson drive (that i have) do support reading dvd+r and dvd-r without bitsetting on any of them. So you need to find out what drive you got (check some xbox hack site) and find out whats best for you.

Actually, my Thompson drive dont like good -r media. It prefer crap media.
Burning xbox games on verbatims and use on xbox is very unstable for me, if i burn them on cheap vanguards or other crap media they work much better.

Very strange.

I’ve been burning a lot of Ritek +R’s and they work great in my Thomson Xbox without bitsetting.

i have a samsung drive in my xbox. it can read all cdr’s and dvdr’s but it is necessary to bitset dvd+r’s

I have the samsung drive (suposedly the best) im confused. It will not read like any of my new dvd+R from ritek. I think maybe I just got a shitty batch. The thing that confuses me is that it will read them in a normal dvd player, but not my xbox, or 4 other peoples xboxes who are modded either. The kicker is that I had an old spindle of exact same media that read? Maybe the media is kind of shitty and not specific enough for xbox but good enough for dvd? Or maybe they made a change in the media between the last spindle i bought and this one?

Samsung is the best drive to read dvd-r and cd-r. But to read dvd+r you will need to bitset the dvd+r’s. Or burn on dvd-r.

with other words, the samsung sucks with dvd+r.
My thomson read dvd+r very good , it prefer crap media dvd-r (big probs with good quality) and it dosent read cd
s at all

To put a nail into the topic about which XBOX drive is the best, its real simple.

The new model Philips drive is the best XBOX DVD-ROM drive.

It can read ALL media (yes, CD-R too) including + media without bitsetting.

The old model Philips drive was complete trash and the new drive has been put into XBOX’s since October 2003, Samsungs are not in newer XBOX’s.

If you want a new model Philips drive for sure, get a UK Crystal Limited Edition XBOX like I did, they ALL have one but if you already have a XBOX, just buy the new drive seperate from some online shop.