NEC 2500a and the magic error remover!

Using the magic cloth:

I can burn a brand new in the cake pan GSC002 at 4x in my NEC 2500a drive. Without removing the DVD I then run DVDinfoPro and get multiple read errors. So I removed the DVD and buff the data side of the disk briskly with a clean cotton cloth. I put the DVD back in the NEC 2500a and run DVDinfoPro again…. And this time no errors. A week later I played the movie on this DVD in my Pioneer set top player and got artifacts late in the movie with a lockup at chapter 33. Pulled the DVD buffed the hell out of it again put it back in the Pioneer …fast forwarded to chapter 32 and the movie now played through the problem area without a problem.

I mentioned the GSC002 blanks, but I have had the same experience with Ridata, Longten and Princo media. In some cases when the buffing didn’t alleviate all the errors, I have used a solution of alcohol and water prior to buffing the DVD. These disks all appeared to be clean and scratch free and were stored in an appropriate manner.

I am guessing it has something to do with the crappy dye used on this gippo bulk media, but the magic cloth still seems to be working. One can only wonder what the life expectancy of these disks will be.

Incidentally, most of these disks displayed similar errors when I used DVDinfoPro with a Pioneer DVD rom reader in another computer, so I am not pointing the finger at the NEC 2500a.