NEC 2500A and Target E-gear media

Hi cnlson,
A while ago, before I read about cheap media and the differences, I bought 20 no-name DVD’s at Target, sold as “e-gear” brand; been burning them on Plextor 708a and on the NEC2500a. I recently flashed herrie’sv2b4, and of course been enjoying great 8x burns on 4x G04’s.
Last nite I burned my first cheap-o Target DVD at 8x! wasn’t sure if it’d do it, bc hadn’t checked what kind it was against the fw’s write strategies, or media support…checked Media code and its CMC indeed!!
My question is: I haven’t used InfoDVD too much beyond basics; read test is fine, and pasted the media code/media info as .jpg; could you look at it and see if its same cmc you burning to also, or if anything else interesting, if i attach (how do i paste the jpeg here…sorry I tried it and am missing something obvious :confused:
But, I’m very pleased and agree in that the NEC burns great even on cheap Target media… :iagree:

emmm ok, where is the MID code or this mysterious .jpg that you are referring to??
Just click the clipboard button in DVDIdentifier and then paste the info into a post.

Edit: I see you’ve figured out how to attach an image with the MID code HERE.
I’ve also had great success with CMC MAG AF1 @8X using Herries firmwares.

here is how to attach images:

when you are done writing your post scroll down to the bottom and hit the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS button under attach files

then a new window will open and you can upload files.

now if you are using dvdinfopro it will save as a jpg and the size has to be under a certain amount… can’t remember or get this thing to go over so not sure what to tell ya. it let me do 5 attachments for 100k and the links below are pictures of what you will see.

when done submit it. if you only post one picture it will show in the post. 2 or more will be displayed as links.

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From the v2b4 thread, it says:
CMC MAG. AF1 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from FUJIFILM03
CMC MAG.AF01 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from FUJIFILM03
CMC MAG. AE1 @ 8x using 6x and 8x from FUJIFILM03

So, my question is, does this mean CMC MAG AF1 will only do 8x if using 6x and 8x-spec’d FUJI-brand media?

I ask bc I was pleased to try my bobo-brand from Target, 4x “e-gear”-branded DVD-R, and it did a great 8x burn w/ the b4 fw.
Did I get lucky w/ this cheap media, or is it that, as long as the media code is the one listed as supported, the “brand” doesn’t matter, right?
Thanks for the wisdom sharing :slight_smile:
ps. i posted the mediacode here

NO, you are not understanding this at all.
The beta firmwares use a different write strategy on CMC MAG AF1 to allow you to burn them at 8X.
It just so happens that Herrie is using the FUJIFILM03 media write strategy.

Ok, it’s about the write strategy; brand has nothing to do with it.duh.
Now I get it.sorry.

brand has very little to do with it… the same brand may have different media (by media i mean the mid codes ex: f01, r01, ricohjpnr01, ect) because all the “brands” do is by mean branded by an actual manufacturer in most cases. someone might be able to give you a link to where you can find out what name on the outside (eg memorex, fuji, khypermedia, imation, ect) gives you the possibility of what media on the inside…

but even that isn’t enough because sometimes the quality will vary from batch to batch like with ritek.

thanks cnlson.:slight_smile: