NEC 2500a and RicohJPNRO1: how fast can I burn with stock and hacked firmware?



I have some Memorex 4X DVD+R (RicohJPNRO1) blanks.

How fast can I burn these with an NEC 2500a and stock or hacked firmware?



you can burn these discs at 6x with stock firmware and 8x with many of the hacked firmwares. I am using Herrie’s 107v2b4 and can get 8x burns. I hope this helps you.


I burn them (Fuji DVD+R) @8x with EXCELLENT results, using Herrie’s 107v2b4 fw:



@Mohawk3 & Stargate64

Maybe a bit off topic but why are you both using 107v2b4 and not 107v2b5? Any certain issues with b5?


I never used 107v2b5, because I don’t need DL burning at the moment, and, AFAIK, this last firmware is not “speed-hacked”: no other particular issues I’m aware of.
Ah, and 107v2b5 isn’t bit-setting capable (I suspect…)


Oh man, you need to be awake when reding here… :wink:
Herries 1.07v2b5dl is based on HP520n (OEM 2510A) firmware and includes all recent media hacks (most media hacks since Herrie is working on NEC firmwares) and is able to do bitsetting on DVD+R and DVD+R DL media!
It is the recommended firmware, when you decide to void your warranty!
Version 1.07v2b6 is version 2.15 (from 2510A) with RPC1 and riplock disabled; no media hacks so far!
But perhaps version 2.06 (from TDB) is what you want; it has the most recent strategy version numbers so far! There are also hacks with RPC1 and riplock disabled, but no media hacks as well.


:o It’s exactly what I said, isn’t it? :o
Well, at least is what I WANTED to say (made a little of confusion with version, though, I admit…) :iagree:


OK, I was irritated by the version number! You meant b6 in your previous posting… :o :wink:


V2B5DL will do bitsetting on DVD+R/+RW “SL” media
as well as DVD+R “DL” media.

Just FYI.


AKAIK it will also do bitsetting on DVD+R DL media, doesn’t it? OK, I forgot DVD+RW… :o


Ehm, well… of course! :o :iagree: