Nec-2500a and Phillips dvd+rw 4x

I have got some Phillips dvd+rw 4x they were really cheap 20 € for 10 discs. As long as the package is closed I am able to bring them back.
My question ist at what speed do they work in the 2500a?
I know the compatibility list says 4x. But has anybody of you tested this?

I have more than enough 2,4 +rw Verbatim, so the Phillps are only interesting if they burn at 4x.

Philips 4X DVD+RW works fine at 4X with the ND-2500A. And the writing quality is great as well :slight_smile:

Fantastic. If you have a little free time it might be a good Idea to add your Kprobe Scan and the fact that they burn at 4x with the NEC ND-2500a to the existing Phillips +rw 4x thread in the Media Test section.

Thank you for the fast reply!

Originally posted by dg1qkt
If you have a little free time

Well, that’s just what I do not have right now…( 3 reviews ongoing any more drives to arrive soon + a lot of other stuff).

You can find a scan of the media in question in this thread