Nec 2500a and nero 5.5

hi, i am new to this website and this site looks awesome. But I am having some problem with my nero detecting my nec2500a dvd burner.The dvd button is grey out. I cannot swicth the mode to dvd. It only select at cd. Can anyone help me out or recommended me another dvd burning software? I already haved used dvd shrink to have the backup stored on my hard drive. Any info would help. Thanks, Khang

Most probably the Nero version you are using doesnt recognise your drive, which is relatively new. You should update to the latest version of the 5x series.

I read somewhere in here about a registry modification which enables dvd redording with the ND 2500 and previous Nero versions. Try the search function (i ll try to find it too :wink: )

Your only answer is to hex edit mmc.dll in Nero - there’s no proper support for the ND-2500A in Nero 5.5, and I suspect that Ahead have probably made the last Nero 5.5 release.

Details are in this thread.


Hey guys, I would like to thank both Hemispasm and David very much for helping me out. That link to that thread help me greatly to detect the drive. Now I am on my way to test to see if it burns correctly.