NEC 2500A and DVD+R's

i own 2 dvdrws,a PX-708A and NEC 2500A.

i tried using different media but i always found that my PX-708A DVD+R burns are better and sometimes much much better than the NEC ones…

for example,TY 4X @ 8X are of better quality when written on the plex,same for Ricoh 4X DVD+R and Moser Baer 8X DVD+R’s.AML001 media isnt readable on my bro’s PS2 when burnt using the NEC while they’re readable when using the Plex.

do i have a bad NEC or is this ok? is this NEC a better DVD-R writter?

does it have a superior - writting and average + writting?


On my old 2500 and 2510 I had serious issues with Prodisc +R’s giving bad movie backup burns-which continued with my two 3500’s that replaced them-

I tend to believe that NEC’s in general prefer -R media IMHO-

I get great burns with my Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s and -R’s


so i believe that i have to use my Plex for + and NEC for - ?
this way i wont use the nec anymore lol

My opinion is just different, or, at least, my 2500 (with 107vb5dl firmware) likes +R discs much more. Here are a couple of scan: 1st one is TDK 4x@8x +R (media code: RICOHJPNR01), 2nd one is Memorex 8x@8x -R (media code: CMC MAGF01). Differences seem to be marginal, but I’d rather prefer to have scans like #1 :iagree:
Did you try to upgrade your firmware?

well you know,i dont have a liteon dvdrw drive,i only have a liteon ltd-166s dvdrom drive means that i cant have trustable kprobe scans.
the closest real way i can measure the burn quality in is by doing a transfer rate using my ltd-166s (read speed unlocked for recordable media [it reaches 16.40X],thanks TDB for the fw and Code65536 for the modification!!) so if i get a good curve then the burn is kinda perfect,else its not.
my nec fw is the nec 2.F8 (the latest one based on the maddog).
and btw,i have burnt some Ricoh branded DVD+R (RICOHJPNR01) at 8X using this drive and 1.07V2B5DL FW and they get real bad towards the end…

i just dont know how could u guys get these perfect curves and i wasnt ever able to do so!! the first burn just rocks!

NoLimit, why don´t you use your Plex for burn quality check? :wink:

PX-708A cant do Qcheck for dvd’s.only PX-712A and PX-716A can do that :slight_smile:

on my nec2510 i had good results with richopjnr01/2 , prodiscr03, mcc002 and 003

On my NEC 2500A (107vb5dl firmware) the DVD+Rs burn much better. My favorite discs are MCC002 +R which burn at 8X just fine. Long ago I did run in some compatibility issues between some brands of DVD+R and my brother PS2. The solution was to use always DVD-R for the PS2. For all I’ve read, the PS2 prefer indeed DVD-R.