NEC 2500a 8X with 4x Media?


is it possible to burn 8x with DVD+R 4x oder DVD-R Media4x like Plextor 708a or Liteon 811.

thanks for help


Yes, it is possible to copy dvd-/dvd+r at 8x when they are 4x compatible (factory advice).

You can burn philips 2,4 x & 4 x DVD+R at 8 x speed, and also Ricoh 4x at 8 x speed !

DVD-R you can burn at 8 x with the following media,:

Taiyo Yuden 4 x (code: TYG 01)

Mitsubishi 4 x (code: MCC 01 RG 20)

I have read this information from the Internet while been searching for the same you ask me.
I have already ordered a NEC ND-2500A !!

At the information comes from different (recently) users of the NEC ND-2500A, so you can trust this information I guess !

I will try it when my NEC ND-2500A arrives !!!

I hope I have helped you with this information,



Media List for 8x DVD Writer (12.06 Kb)
Medialist for ND-2500A and

Personal experience:

Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD+R: 8X
Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R: 8X
Mitsubishi Chemicals 4X DVD-R: 8X
Ricoh 4X DVD+R: 6X (not 8X as stated by highflyer79.)

Philips discs is not available here so I don’t know how these are…

You can burn philips 2,4 x & 4 x DVD+R at 8 x speed
Do you have the MID codes for the Philips media?

Philips 4x media are AFAIK either CMC Magnetics or Ricoh and they won’t burn @8x on the NEC (only 6x for the Ricohs). The only 4x DVD+R that will burn @8x on the NEC and which is possible to buy (this excludes the media manufactured by Maxell and TDK) is TY.

Where do you buy TY’s?, internet only?, seems no retail stores sell them, aka officemax,bestbuy…etc

Bestbuy sells Fujifilm DVD-R 10 Pack boxes (with jewel cases) made in Japan which are TY. They’re usually $24.99, but they have a sale this week for $17.99 out-the-door minus a $5 mail-in rebate, so it works out to $12.99 which is a great price for these. I just picked up a box today.

BestBuy Fujifilm

The online site says 2.4x, but the boxes at my store look slightly different and say “up to 4x” made in Japan. Those are definitely TY.

Personal Experience:

Verbatim DVD+R, 4x-certified: Burns max. 4x

Verbatim DVD-R, 4x-certified: Burns 8x, discs are flawless readable. Bad luck that I don´t have a Lite-On Drive, else I could make a PI/PO scan.

The 8x-Burning Speed is really amazing. First time, I had doubts if my 3 year old hdd´s and an external Case (Firewire) could do the 12MB/s but it all works fine :cool:

What about TDK -R’s they have onsale?, should be TY’s, and what about fuji cake’s -R’s?

Originally posted by Budman62
What about TDK -R’s they have onsale?, should be TY’s, and what about fuji cake’s -R’s?

There are no TY-made TDK, at least not in the USA.
Fuji DVD-R are only TY in the 10-pack jewel cases.

Went to best buy and looked, your right only the fuji 10 pack’s say MADE IN JAPAN!!, cake’s are made in TAIWAN, went back to officemax, got 100 +R Imation’s/ricoh’s for $40, sorry i’m not spending over a dollar for -R’s so what if they burn 1 min faster than 6.2x…:stuck_out_tongue: best deal going!! so get your butt’s down there before sunday…you say you dont have a officemax near you?..i say MOVE!!, place rocks!!
Arita/ricoh’s is whats on sale but they will subsitute with Imations

Originally posted by Budman62
, went back to officemax, got 100 +R Imation’s/ricoh’s for $40, …
huh? I couldn’t find any DVD+R 100 pack in officemax.

the 100pack is arita (ricoh oem). they were 2.4x R00’s at first. if they are out the substitute is 4 25pack 4x imation, or if those are gone 2 50pack of memorex.

They restocked the arita’s I hear and nwo they are 4x R01’s on spindles and of better quality.