NEC 2500A 8x burn at 14 mins?



I have an NEC 2500A and I recently flashed it with H 1.07 beta5

I’m trying to burn Ritek R03 DVD+R disks at 8x but it takes 14 minutes to burn a full dvd. Is that normal? I would think 8x would burn faster than 14 minutes. I’m using Nero 6.something. Is there something wrong? Is there something I can do? The dvd+r play perfectly fine.


14 minutes is more consistent with a 4X burn, an 8X burn would normally complete in about 8 - 9 minutes


So its actually burning at 4x even though Nero says 8x? Hmm…maybe I should test it at 6x to see how long it burns.


apply this to your registry and you show be able to see exactly what speed nero is burning at.

this should work for windows xp and 2000 as it has for me :slight_smile:

… dammit it won’t upload the reg file… had to zip it.

norton burning (327 Bytes)



I don´t know is this normal or did I miss something.

Recently I try to burn a dvd-r with Dvd Shrink 3.2. I used Deep Analysis and AEC Maximum Shapness and burn it in 2x speed with NEC ND-25100A firmware 2.15…it takes more then 3 hours to burn… :confused: :confused:

Can anyone tell me did I miss out something here? :bow:



It’s not the DVD burning that is taking the time, it is the decoding and recoding of the video and audio! The faster your PC the faster this will happen, but it’s not going to be in the region of minutes for a good few years yet :slight_smile:

If you sat and watched the end of the process you would see that the burning of the DVD only takes 8-15mins after the contents have been recompressed.


Hi mwarner, Now I remeber it takes more then an hour to analysis and another 1hour 35mins (around that) to encoding (if I remember)…and the end of the process are faster then those. Have to check the timing next time when I burn a dvd…



Okay so I tried burning at 6x and it burned a full dvd in 11 minutes. 3 minutes faster than 8x. Weird.

Okay I’ll try this Norton_Burning_reveal thing after work.


Were you doing stuff on your PC while it was burning at “8X” the first time? The burner will automatically drop down in speed if the transfer rate from the hard drive is interupted or reduced.


I don’t do much when I’m burning, just surfing the web, or go watch tv somewhere.


What PC are you using? DVD shrink 3.1 on a slow 2.4 cel i have here takes much less than one hours(more like 30 min) even with Deep analysis.


My pc is :

Athlon Boxed XP Model 2000Plus 1.6GH

Asus A7V333

Antec ATX-Mediumtorni Sonata Piano True Power

Seagate 80Gb Barracuda ATA IV St380021A

Maxtor 120Gb DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y120L0

Kingston 512Mb DDR333 DIMM 64-bit 184-pin SDR

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition UK

Inno3D Tornado GeForce4 Ti4200 64mb AGP

LG 19" 915FT Plus Flatron

I just burned one Dvd-r few mins ago, the end of the process takes about 30 mins… :rolleyes: :confused: :confused:


Which software did you burn with?
At what speed?
Which media?

the end of the process takes about 30 mins…
Explain more fully
a, it took 30 mins to do the write?
b, it wrote the disc but took 30 mins to write the lead out?


Hi again Dee,

I´m used Dvd Shrink 3.2…used Deep Analysis and AEC Maximum Shapness and burn it in 2x speed with NEC ND-25100A firmware 2.15. Memorex Dvd-R 1x - 4x, data 4.7GB.

Explain fully:
It takes about 30 mins at the end of the process, meaning after the encoding. If I´m not mistaking, is when it write to the disc.I hope it´s clean enough… :slight_smile:


HI enkk
ok, with you now enkk :slight_smile:
30 mins at 2x sounds about right, have you tried burning at 4x with that media? It should be ok to do that :wink:


I didn’t see where you mentioned which burning software was actually being used. (DVD shrink doesn’t burn, it utilizes whatever burning software is installed on your PC. It uses NERO if you check the box in the setup). If you are using NERO, then what version?


When a burn at 8x it takes 9 minutes and a few seconds.


sounds like bus issues with trying to burn at 8x…try dvd decryptor to burn with if you can and watch your device buffer if it fluctuates and then your speed suddenly drops your bus isnt keeping up with the data transfer rate.


I can tell you its totally a Nero thing.

Burning an image with DVD Decrypter 8x is always around 9 min.

I burned an ISO in Nero at 8x and it was around 14 mins.

Nero is total ass.


Yer, thats why so many people buy NERO, hack and crack NERO. :rolleyes:
Talk sense will ya :bigsmile: