NEC 2500A - $50 - OfficeMax - 7/11-7/17

MadDog (NEC ND-2500A) ReBadge at OfficeMax this week for $50 after instant and mail-in rebates,

in what city / area?

I am in the Southeast (Myrtle Beach) - See Flyer !!!

I live in Florida and the ad-online is only showing a Khypermedia for $49.99.

I guess the ADs are different. My newpaper insert has the MadDog. The in-store ad has the Khypermedia. Buy the way, the BenQ version of the Khypermedia is a BenQ DW800A and can be converted to a DW822A. BenQ will be providing DL firmware free on 9/30/2004.

You can go to the Office Max web site and check out the “weekly store specials” and then select a state and city to view the “sale paper” for that week & for instance if you choose Florida you will see the Kypher drive & if you choose any location in Rhode Island the Mad Dog shows up.

This is a way of being able to easily tell which states & areas have which drive in the weekly sale paper. I wonder if just because you don’t have it in the actual “ad”, if you can still buy it locally @ your Office Max location nearest to you? Maybe they alternate the two drives in ads for different areas of the country for some reason but yet all drives are available at most stores regardless of the “sale paper”?

Unfortunately we only have two Office Max location in my “metro area” and neither one is very close to me & I don’t really get to get out near them very often, so if I want to check it out I have to make a “special trip” so I don’t know the answers to any of this 1st hand as far as what’s in the “actual stores”, just the web site & sale paper info. I’d really like to get the NEC 2500 for $49 total though but in my area the Kypher is showing up in the local ad.

Once you flash it to dual layer code, will it NOT burn to single layer media?

Is it backward burn compliant or would you have to flash back to burn to single layer media?

The Mad Dog burner is on sale in Massachusetts this week (ending 7/24) and the Khypermedia is on sale next week.