NEC 2500A/2510A SL DVD+R DVD-ROM burning issue

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-2500A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,

I’ve got both NEC ND 2500A and NEC ND 2510A, and I’m trying to make them burn my fujifilm DVD+R 1-16x disks as DVD-ROM. The point is: Even with DVDInfo PRO HD, I just can’t make my single layer disks (NO DL, got that working, but those disks are 'bout 3 euro’s a piece over here so I’ll stick to DVD+R for images about 4,7 Gb or smaller) being burned as DVD-ROM. The setting isn’t even changeable, the only option to change is the DL temp and def. The other (four) options aren’t even displayed in black letters, they’re no option.

I’ve read a lot of people burning DVD-ROM disks with the NEC 2500A (the 2500 can’t switch bitsetting?! Book in DVDInfo Pro doen’t even work?!) and NEC 2510A, and say it’s succesfull.

Do I have to install a certain firmware in order to BE able to change the booktype (learnt what that was today actually) of my NEC 2500A, and if yes would be the anwser, where to get it?
If the NEC 2500A doesn’t work at all, is it possible with my 2510A to make the Single Layers able to change to booktype to DVD-ROM? Well, what software and where to get that too?

And: I haven’t jet made any alternations in the driver’s firmware, so any update new to me :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’ve forgotten some important data, please say so and I’ll write it down if I know… Otherwise I’ll try to find out the needed data.
(Burning with ImgBurn, don’t suppose it’s that important, for it’s something before the burning…)

Thanks in Advance,