NEC 2500A & 1.07B5 & Reitek D01 +RW DL?

Got the 2100A…check
Got the 1.07B5 firmware…check
Got Nero…check
Got aDatasafe DVD+R DL based on Reitek D01

Basically it’s not buring and I’m seeing this post from NEC
Claiming that even with the firmware it may not burn DL

and I’m also seeing posts saying that the Reitek isn’t currently supported.


Can someone lay it out for me, I’m a bit simple!

Is it that the hacked firmwares just aren’t supporting the Reitek discs, or is it that my drive just isn’t able to burn them, or is it something I can solve??

Try herrie’s 2.16 with support for Ritek DL

You can see more description of this in the “Firmware and modding links” sticky.