NEC 2500A 1.07 Bitsetting Beta 4 Problem

i bought these ritek g05’s dvd-r 8x and since they didnt work with my stock 1.06 , i first flashed it with 1.07 stock from the nec website and when i still couldnt select more than 4x i used Herries firmware with the bitsetting feature
and i just burned a disc in 9:30min which should be fine but when insert the disc into my dvd-rom or my burner it says “access denied” on both

this is really strange

has anyone else had these problems or issues
i hope the burner isnt wasted… :frowning:

or are there newer versions even already ?


The RitekG05 dye is known to vary very much in quality. That’s why NEC reduced the recording speed to 4x. They are not able to guarantee good results @8x writing speed.
But as you can see here
8x writing speed should be selectable with NEC original firmwares 1.05 and 1.06 (both versions).
If I were you, I wouldn’t write faster than 4x on that media… you’ve experienced the result yourself…


yup ok
got it

is there a way to test the quality of the dvd-r ?
i mean not that cdspeed check thing but the quality of the production of the media
to see whether its bad or not…


I just know three ways to test DVD media:

1.) KProbe or CD/DVDSpeed quality check for relative comparisons
2.) CD/DVDSpeed reading graphs (but it has to reach 12x)
3.) Testing media on several stand alones

If you get discs that are good in all three disciplines then it’s the right media for you! :wink:
Normally this is Taiyo Yuden or MCC…


would you accidentally know any trader of these discs for germany ? ebay only gives me foreign offers

Hi pentroz!

Du kannst diese Medien bei

bestellen (Wähle DVD-Brenner und klicke den Haken bei “Medien anzeigen”!). Es lohnt sich aber nur, wenn Du viel bestellst, da die Versandkosten immer etwa 10,- EUR betragen. Vielleicht wartest Du so lange, bis Du sowieso Hardware bestellst…

Die Preise sind allerdings sonst recht gut:

Fuji DVD-R 8x (Taiyo Yuden) - 5 Stück im JewelCase - 7,01 EUR
Verbatim DVD+R und DVD-R 8x (MCC) - 10 Stück im JewelCase - 14,19 EUR

Bei Saturn in Hannover kostet ein Verbatim 8x-Rohling übrigens 2,79 EUR! :eek:

MfG, Legnerp