Nec 2500 writes rw discs but fails to write +R or -R ones

I bought a NEC 2500 one month ago. It was working fine. I flashed it with the 2510 firmware…all ok. I burned several disks (various brands, verbatim, fuji, etc) without problems.
One week ago it started to fail writing +R and -R disks (same brands) but it writes rewritables without any problem.
I tried Nero 6.0, Nero, Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0, CopyToDvd. All of them write the disks succesfully without failures but the disks are not readable at all (nor on my NEC, nor on other DVD players).
When I try to open with the explorer (windows xp) a dialog box tells “Invalid Function” or not recognizes the disk at all.
I formatted the HD and installed the previous version of windows xp (without SP1), cleaned the drive, flashed the drive with the original firmware, the 1.07 from dangerous brothers, the 1.06 and finnaly the 1.07 from NEC and nothing cured the problem.
Any clue ?
Thanks in advance

It seems like firmware hacks might be harmful after all even after flashing back to original. i have a problem with my dvd-r’s booktype being set to dvd-rom.

I just burn a minidvd (cd). all ok.
I tried a real DVD with RecordNowMax 4.5…the same problem.

I don’t think you can do bitsetting on DVD-R/RW discs! It’s only about +R/+RW.

That’s interesting since the NEC can’t change a DVD-R disc booktype to DVD-ROM in the first place. :slight_smile:

I think you might have a hardware problem, unfortunately. Especially if the discs you burn are not readable on other machines and they used to be.

I had a problem recognising blank DVD-Rs after flashing with the dual layer firmware using the windows firmware and was unable to flash back to earlier versions of non-dl firmwares even in DOS, just got flash error. Eventually flashed with 1.07 without DL support and all is fine, maybe it was a corrupt downloaded firmware, but until cheap DL disks are available I’m not too worried.

Did you apply the booksetting yourself ? If so, how ?

There is a thead a few days ago about this wierd possibility of a bug in dvdinfo allowing to bookset dvd-r to dvd-rom on the NEC (Should only be available on Nutechs etc as indicated on DVDinfo website. Browse the first 3 pages of this forum. Setting it back to DVD-R may cure the problem.

If you got it straight from the store there might be a possibility that they gave you an RMA’d unit.