Nec-2500 write error

Could someone help me plz? I have recently been having major problems with my nec-2500, I have burnt lots of discs before and I’m still using the same batch of discs that were working before I started getting this problem.

The problem is that halfway through the burn my drive “clicks” and then the light goes out and another coaster is produced. I’m using recordnow max, which I’ve always used and not had any problems with, I’ve defraged my hd, dma is on. Is my drive shagged? Or is there anything else I can try, I’ve also tried nero and alcohol to burn data discs and images but still the same result.

In recordnow max the error it give is "Error -10 at sector 1024240 - Disc Write Error Command : 2A Sense :03 ASC : 0C ASCQ :0Q

that listen very bad!


this wouldnt have anything to do with the ide cable would it?

ASC 0C means “Write error” - not very useful I’m afraid :sad:

Try different media - it’s possible that the batch of media may have gone bad part way through. If you have a problem on different media, as I suspect you probably will, RMA the drive. It’s highly unlikely to be the IDE cable.


I’ve tried about 5 different types of media all produce coasters m8. Sorry for being a dumbo, but what does “RMA the drive” mean plz m8y, cheers

RMA - shorthand for “apply for a Return Material Authorisation”. In other words - the drive is broken, return it under warranty.


ok, thanks for the help