NEC-2500 with DVD-RAM

Does anyone know if you can make the NEC2500 play the DVD-RAM or is it just not possible with anytype of RAM?


Mine can’t - if you use DVDInfoPro, the DVD-RAM box is blank (if not, then DVDInfoPro is probably to blame). IFAIK the drive cannot read DVD-RAM disc - I have heard of a hacked firmware with this capability.

Thanks for that.

Does anyone know of a firmware that will allow this option?

Whether its a no or yes please.

Thanks in advance


Well, my spelling leaves a lot to be desired - in my post above I tried to write that I HAVEN’T heard of any firmware, sorry…

I haev a MSI 4x as well and that doesnt support it.

Damn annoying lol As I was given a 10 pack of DVD-RAM

Thanks you both though for your imput

You could buy a second hand dvd-ram burner - I use an LG one for this. LG 12x burners are only about £50 new, so a second hand 4x burner should be around £25.

Ah good point, I should have thought of doing just that. Also means my DVD-RW wont get hammered as well with such use (if it could have been used I mean).

Thanks all