NEC 2500 + TDK 1.33 FW - Test Results



NEC 2500a
Production date: Jan 2004
FW: TDK v1.33
Memorex x4 +RW - (Ricoh W11)
RecordNow Max v4.5 - (PX Engine=507)


  • high-cycle +RW disks, at least 30 cycles, unless noted.
  • bitsetting not used
  • updated Apr 29, 04 - 12:17am PDT[/i]

Disk 1 - bad CRC scan!
PI Max: 440 Average: 84.44
PO Max: 15 Average: 0.82

DvdInfo v2.37 CRC Scan - Disk 1

Disk 2
PI Max: 197 Average: 32.01
PO Max: 13 Average: 0.17

Disk 3 new disc - Servo Error!
PI Max: 211 Average: 4.74
PO Max: 2 Average: 0.01

Disk 4 - bad CRC again!
PI Max: 191 Average: 76.37
PO Max: 4 Average: 0.03

DvdInfo v2.37 CRC Scan - Disk 4

Disk 5 - bad CRC again!
PI Max: 99 Average: 36.94
PO Max: 4 Average: 0.04

DvdInfo v2.37 CRC Scan - Disk 5

Disk 6
PI Max: 151 Average: 49.59
PO Max: 3 Average: 0.03


  • complete erase on 2500 before recording
  • Disk 1 - terrible at the end! See CRC scan.
  • Disk 2 - same disk, complete erase on 2500 and reburned
  • Disk 3 - fresh disk from spindle, quick erase, then burn - KP2 servo error near end.
  • Disk 4 - same Disk 3, full 2500 erase - CRC errors at end again!
  • Disk 5 - same Disk 3, full 2500 erase - CRC errors at end again!
  • Disk 6 - same Disk 3, but 411@811 full erase


  • yuk!
  • can’t seem to read its own writing
  • won’t do +R tests with this FW
  • install NEC factory 1.60, test again
  • if still yukky, sell


Not very impressive :sad: Looks like the TDK firmware may have the same 4X +RW write quality issues that the HP firmwares have…


and to think YOU were the one who made me buy this, errr, thing… :rolleyes:


Originally posted by bichi2
and to think YOU were the one who made me buy this, errr, thing… :rolleyes:

Hehehe, who needs DVD+RW anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:
The results are acceptable at times, it just seems unpredictable.
If you burn +RW all day and all night while dancing in the rain[/inside joke] , then just use the stock firmware.


The stock 1.06 firmware dated December 2003 “has been very kind to me” in regards to burning DVD+RW. Never had a single problem with that firmware.


The new HP firmware 1.27 seems to be very stable for DVD writing. However, my mistake was to change the booktype on my +RWs frequently. This caused reading problems and destroyed some of my discs.

Now I bookmark the +RWs ONCE as DVD-Rom and leave the booktype untouched afterwards. No single problem yet. I cannot make any KProbe scans but the results in CD Speed are absolutly satisfying.


Thanks, Easy-Going-Man!

  • did not invoke bitset in above tests
  • will try 108 (HP 1.27)
  • no worries about lack of KP2 scans, I will do and post
  • if +RW still sux and not, errr, satisfying, then no ice cream for you for a week! - hehee

“just burnin’ in the rain… rinky, tink, tink”:o