NEC 2500 Rocks

After reading the review of this drive,I just had to have it.Replaced my NEC 1100a Couldn’t get it to burn successfully at 4x.
Installed it and got to work burning.

Arita +R4x pink top ID Ricoh JPNR01.
Burnt at 6x
DVD infopro no errors.

Pink top Mountain view +R4x ID Richo JPNR01
Burnt at 6x
DVD Infopro no errors

Orange top -R4X ID Ritek G04
Burnt at 4x
DVD Infopro no errors

Arita -R4x ID Ritek G04
Burnt at 4x
DVD Infopro no errors

Datawrite -R4x ID Princo
Burnt at 4x
DVD Infopro no errors

Checked on the writer itself and Liteon DVD Rom.
Also checked with Nero CD-DVD Speed loverly curve.and of course stand alone DVD player.

What can I say, I love this drive.

I must agree completly.

Got this drive (after being on order for 2 weeks, arrived a few days ago) because my LDW-811S was performing miserably, no matter what media I used (well, only used Princo 4x DVD-R and RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R 4x), no matter what firmware, where I set it up on my computer…

My LDW-811S was getting averages of about 50-100 PI count on Kprobe, on RICOHJPNR01, and P0 errors were usually alright at around an average of 5, when burning at 2.4x.

At 4x burning, PI averages were hitting 100-150, with sections that would regularly hit 400-500 errors, over like 1/4 of the DVD. P0 errors averaged around 15-30, but there were large sections, where it would also hit 400-500 errors (exactly the same place where it happened with the PI errors). Every 4x DVD burnt came back with half the files having CRC errors.

Well, double what happened with my 4x burning, and you have my 8x burning results.

ND-2500A is giving me averages of 10-20 PI, when being burnt at either 4x or 6x, and P0 error averages are less than 1.

Princo is now getting the best results I’ve ever seen, burnt at 4x. Every Princo disc I’ve burned on the 811S has had CRC Errors, at 4x, so I’ve always had to burn at 2x, and even the 2x burns, probably 1 in 3 I had to burn again due to CRC errors.

I knew it wasn’t the media causing my problem (tested the stuff I bought on a friends Pioneer A06, and Kprobe scans were just a little worse than what I’m getting with my 2500A, but still very acceptable).

I’ve tested reading on the 2500A, and it seems just fine, no problems at all. I’ll still keep the 811S, as my Kprobe scanner, and a few other functions, but the 2500A is now my DVD Burner.

Anyone looking for a DVD Burner, the ND-2500A is the best purchase you could make.

And I’m very glad I didn’t get a Pioneer A07/107.

Note: All my scanning was done at 4x 8ECC with LDW-811S HS0P.