NEC 2500 & Ricoh R01 & NeroVision unsync'd



Nero & RecordNow can’t, Adobe can…
NEC 2500 burner 1.07b8a f/w, Memorex (RicohJPN R01) 4x, latest NeroVision, RecordNow Max 4.5, Adobe Encore 1.01, Adobe Premiere Pro. On my 12th DVD, only 2 successful burns, one burned in Premiere, & one in Encore. Using a 2.7G AVI file (just over 12 minutes), that’s it, besides adding a simple menu in Nero & Encore. I’ve flashed the NEC with 3 different f/w’s; I used RecordNow tutes off the web for a DVD video; I’ve used transcoding presets & various adjustments to transcoding options, & changed burn speeds… didn’t make any difference on resulting DVD problem, I seem to burn a consistantly bad DVD in Nero & RecordNow, neither reporting any errors.
The problem is: video & audio are obviously out of sync, audio gets ahead, & the video is slightly jerky on most of the bad DVD’s. On a couple bad DVD’s the audio coughs & then cuts out all together about 1 minute in. Nero Recode copies great.
Any suggestions to get NeroVision to burn right?


I doubt it’s the burn that is causing your issues.
It is most likely due to the transcoding/video conversion software that you are using.
You can find more info in the Video Editing forum.


thanks, I ruled out the burn now too, suspected the conversion messing up, posting in proper forum now for NeroVision & RecordNow info for their encoders. I’m happy tho so far with my f/w update for NEC 2500, 2k5107b8a WIN flasher that I wished I could find the DOS version. Reading thru all the forums, it’s not that easy to find these sometimes, bookmarking where I’ve been etc, some links not working… where exactly are the DOS flashers for f/w versions 1.07b7a, 1.07b8a, 1.07b9 ? (not concerned with DL just yet, only RPC1 & Riplock & media support)


Use 1.07v2beta4 if you’re not concerned with DL.
It is a very stable firmware.