NEC 2500 Retail Version


Can someone tell me which software and versions comes with the retail version of this writer ?

Do you think the software package worths the extra money ?

With NEC writers (Bulk and OEM) that I have bought, I usually got Nero with it.
I have yet to see a NEC retail packaged DVD-writer around here in the Netherlands. But I really don’t care what software comes with it since I get the software I want to use through other channels… :bigsmile:

In short I don’t think the retail package is worth a lot of extra money, unless it’s only a couple of euro’s/bucks extra because you usually also get a blank recordable and a blank rewritable.

It would help if you state where you are at. In the USA, the OEM drives seem to mostly come with Roxio.

Software packages, IMHO are not worth the extra. My advice: Buy the drive OEM from NewEgg (no software), add the 1-year warranty for $5, then buy Nero from Ahead Software . Download DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter for free. These should do everything you want.

I just picked up my OEM black 2500A, which came with Nero Express 6.

Thanks for the answers.

I’ve decided to buy the oem drive, because I can get it, here in Portugal, for around 125 € without software and 170 € with software.

I’ve already have Nero Burning Room, powerdvd and i’ll get DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter using emule.

I did get some bundled software with my OEM one in the UK - I think in was from Pinnacle.


dvdshrink and dvddecrypter are totally free. You can download them directly from their web pages, you dont need emule for that.