Nec 2500 problems, wont burn dvdr's

well i was wondering if anyone has had this problem, i can burn cd’s fine, but when i burn a dvd’s, either iso, data, anything it apears that everything went alright, but when i try to access anything i burned on a different dvd reader (xbox or pc dvd) it will say its currupt or damaged, or that it just cant read it. although i can read it in the burner drive, i thought it was because i forgot to finalize the burn, but i just did that with the fedora4 dvd burn.

now on my windows machine i have 2003 server running with nero i believe, i have a nec 2500a, im using tdk dvd+r for the media, which ive used before and everything worked fine (same package). i d-led the latest dll file from nero, did the latest aspi layer update, everything on that end seems to check out, and like i say i can burn a cd with no problems at all

thanks for any help

The only thing i can suggest is use Nero CD-DVD Speed. (supplied with Nero) and run a transfer rate test on one of the burned DVD’s and post the results here.

sorry it took so long, but here is the attachment, incase it didnt work it says

starting transfer rate test

which apon futher investigation i find the following

There are many cases where there is a problem with the disc, or information cannot be retrieved from the disc properly. The PC may be unstable or try a new disc.

which basically seems pretty lame of a problem, especially to try and fix

try updating your firmware. give one of Herrie’s a try . I’m using it.

also the nec2500 is a not a notably good reader so i would check in a different drive just to make sure