Nec 2500 Problem

Hi guy’s
Noobie here have had a look arond your great site but cannot find the right answers to my questions :sad:
So here goes be gentle with me.
Ok i have just bought this drive but the first dvd i try to copy gets right to the end then fails (about 80%) i am using nero to write image to NEC drive then burn disc at full speed had few succcess but wondering why it won’t playball with this disc when it plays fine in my standalone dvd player.
So i have updated the firmware from the official NEC site from 106 to 107 but still having probs with some disc’s, Is this a trait with this drive as it is only a week old or can i do something to remedy this other then the upgarde i have already done???

What program are you using to copy DVD?

Hi m8
Nero 63115, really annoying to be honest as i nearly went for a pioneer 107 and at the moment i am wishing i had

This Movie you are trying to copy, is it a Full DVD9 or is it a DVD5…
If its a DVD9 U gota Copy it with DVD Decryptor to your Hard disk, then use Shrink to Re-Author…If its already Re-Authored n on your Hard Disk, Then Re-Author again n take out the END CREDITS…That gave me probs once untill I took em out…
Hope that’s helped…

I’ve had the 2500a for a while now and I have not made a coaster after hundreds of burns. I use DVDSHRINK to copy or re-author to hard drive and then DVDDECRYPTER to burn. Both are free and work great. I have tried several brands of media with no problem. My firmware is version 1.06. I haven’t upgraded because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t want to mess up a good thing…

I just noticed you have nero. SHRINK works best with Nero as the burning software. It defaults to Nero.

what disc is “this disc”?
is it an rw?
what is the error?
can you post the burn log? (please remove serial number b4 posting)

what problems with what discs?
can you post the mid codes from the discs you have problems with?

welcome to the nec forum btw!