NEC 2500 Firmware

Could someone please tell me which Firmware I should get for the NEC 2500…

I heard that the newest one isn’t good or summit like that…

Anyway please tell which one I should get and if i should get a regionfree tool and it would also be very helpful if you posted links, Thanks


Here is an excellent thread to read: ND-2500A: Tw different versions of fw 1.06?

I’m still seriously CONFUSED!!!

I did find the best one but it said something about a DOS Boot up disc. Do i just have to put the program on a floppy disc and restart my computer or something?

Please help!

No, you need to make a bootable floppy disk or a bootable CD.

Maybe you’d find some help here:


I’ve followed the instruction and i get A:/ on the screen, what do i do now, do i type in the name of the file on the disk i want to execute?

Thanks 4 help so far!!!


I forgot to add there are two files on the floppy, one when you double click it a dos. box comes up, does summit and goes away and also a BIN. file. Don’t I need to burn a BIN file to a CD with nero?


Hmmm… judging from the questions you are asking, I would suggest you do NOT try to do any flashing in DOS untill you understand the basics, or you will end up w/ a dead drive (or system).
Use Google (or other search) to look for “dos boot disk” and read up on how they work. Might want to read up on using the command line as well.
There are many .bin file formats, not just the ones that are CD images. In this case, it’s a binary file type. This is the firmware binary image that will be written to the drive’s EEPROM (much like the BIOS of your computer)
Once you understand making boot disks, using command line parameters in DOS, and how flashing a firmware works in DOS, then go ahead and do it, AFTER you make a backup of your current firmware (asuming it is working).

Thanks for your concern, but i have looked it up now.

when the A:/ thingy comes up i type:

A:/Nec2xoo -sec -mas -flash V106RPC1.bin