NEC 2500 + firmware questions

i want a dvd writer, and i was 90% decided on liteon 812, the main reasons are:

  • drive doesn’t die, with worst firmware failer, dos can revive it
  • no video dvd rip lock
  • easy region removal + reset counters (liteon tool)
  • 812@832 hack + DL support (with tests on real dl burning)
  • kprobe

but i found a nec 2500 at 79 euro (20 euro less than liteon).

so what features of the ones mentioned above does nec support?
herrie firmwares say they do:

  • rpc1 (region free) + riplock (video rip lock?)
  • 2500@2510 hack = support DL media (are there any test results?)

kprobe doesn’t work with nec, but other tools work (like nero cd speed), does they give results the same as kprobe?

and the final and MOST important question, does NEC die when a firmware upgrade fail? or it can be revived?


AFAIK NEC will default back to a basic rom that you still need to reflash to get it back to correct working order.

NEC also supports bitsetting (With modded firmware). So you can burn a DVD+R as DVD-ROM if needs be.

All the questions have already been answered.

The NEC2500A is not supported by CD-DVD Speed 3 or the like either,
so there won’t be any KProbe-alike scans accomplished by the NEC.

The NEC won’t die, simply because the flashing procedure won’t be proceeded
in case if something is wrong with the FW.