Nec 2500 - Dying or just a cause of crappy media

After visiting this board as a guest for month, this is my first post.
I think my Nec 2500 (OG. FW 1.06) is dying slowly.
It used to burn the cheapest discs just like Intensos (Optodisc OR04) and LG+R (Prodisc R03) without a problem.
They all were doing well on all my drives (standalone, liteon LTD 122 IL4L), but the last 2 packs of Intensos - uargh - horrible results!
-My nec said “blanc disc” the liteon couldn´t read them anymore, the standalone had problems.
So I tried some different media, using different burning speed:

  • TDK+R 002 8x
  • Octron-R (no additional info)

–>both couldn´t be read after burning by the burner

  • Verbatim+R 16x

couldn´t be read by the liteon, so I made a scandisc with the nec (interesting: first disc to run on it without too many problems)
but I had to stop the scan cause the reading speed dropped to 0.06

…but please, just have a look at my attachements.
Hope I did it right.

Interesting after all:
My 2500er burns DVD-RW, Audio CDs and Data CDs without any problems, absolutely wonderful recognized by the drive.

So did I just have real bad luck in media quality or is it time for buying a new drive (didn´t burn more than 50 dvds)

greetings, oh_my_gosh


‘Crap Media = Crap Burns’

Try good quality media like Taiyo Yuden


So bigmike, you think it´s just a media problem?
But then shouldn´t there be a better result with the verbatim?
As soon as I want to copy a folder from disc to my hd, I´m getting a “crc error” and folders are being recognized really really slow.
Also there is this certain repeating “click”, guess it´s the lens re-adjusting.
The drive is spinning up and down, till´ it´s finally showing the folders content.
I also opened the drive to see if there is any dust in it, didn´t take a look at the lense, but the case looked as clean as a new one.

Upgrade your NEC 2500A to latest firmware for better mediasupport. Verbatim 16x is not supported in firmware 2.16

The LiteOn LTD-122 are a very bad and unreliable reader.

Scans with a dvd-rom are always very bad and as such useless.


Yup- :iagree:


Allright, didn´t know that before.Thanks for the info.Little surprised to hear that, cause in other boards the liteon was characterised as a reliable reader.

So I got to do an update with winflash.Allright, I followed all the links, like this one and that one.
But don´t know which fw to take, cause they´re not sorted by date.
Should have large mediasupport, be stable and the most important:
good burning results
Please, give me a hint :smiley:

Latest NEC 2500A 1.0A

Thanx man,that´s a jungle out there. just one (hope so) last question:
Am I right, that Mad Dog´s 2.F9 exactly is the same one as the nec 1.0A, plus dl function added and riplock removed?
Thank you four your patience :slight_smile:

Not precisely, because NECs 1.0A is for the 2500, the 2.F9 is for the 2510.


Damn, just a year I don´t follow the development of my drive and any overview is gone.
I just remember the beginning of Herrie´s hacks.
So I cannot flash my drive with this one, because it´s (not yet) a 2510, right?

You can, because it’s the same hardware. :wink: