NEC 2500 Dvd Burner won't burn dvds


I recently purchased a Dell computer that came with a NEC 2500 Cd/Dvd Burner. I have been able to burn Cds without any problems. However yesterday i tried to burn a movie on a DVD-R disk and i encountered several problems.

I used the Easy CD creator 5(updated to Version 5.3) to copy the movie disk. However when i inserted a Datawrite Classic (grey) 8x Dvd-r disk in, it wouldnt recognise it as a blank recordable disk.

I then tried to copy it with an unbranded 4x Dvd+R disk and though it recognised it and tried to copy, it returned with errors of buffer underrun and trackwrite error.

Since then i have defragmented the computer and tried again and now i have suddenly started to get physical memory dumps(blue screen).

So could someone help me out a bit cos i have no idea what the problem is.

My computer specs are Dell P4, 256Mb Cache, 3.06Ghz Processor speed, 80Gb Drive and OS is Windows XP home (2000).

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.